Sunday 8 September 2013

The International UKHAS Conference 2013

This weekend saw the annual UKHAS Conference, which is now in its third year. For us personally, it was our first UKHAS event and we were really looking forward to putting faces to names and in some cases putting chat names/callsigns to names and then to faces! It was also slightly bizarre thinking that this time last year we hadn't even began our HAB experience yet. The day was a great time to fully appreciate just how strong the UKHAS community is. 

This year's venue was the University of Greenwich - very swish.
Train selfie. 
You can view the day's timetable here. The talks and presentations certainly didn't disappoint with a good range of topics for all levels, from James Coxon's visit back to the early HAB projects to Matt Brezja's in-depth discussion on Forward Error Correction. The BATC filmed and uploaded the presentations, therefore you can view the videos on their website here; simply select the 'HAB 2013' category and the desired stream from the drop down menus.

It was really great to learn that some people present were new enthusiasts just beginning to embark on their own projects. Even one or two who had been introduced to high altitude ballooning by tracking one of our launches. Thanks to them for saying hi and letting us know!

Some of the other projects on show outside of the organised talks included Chris Stubbs' camera, programmed to send jpegs wirelessly over SSDV without the need for a separate microcontroller.

Chris Stubbs with his modified camera.
GPS workshop - finger courtesy of Ed Moore.
All in all, thanks to all those involved with this year's conference, it was great to meet everyone in person and we look forward to returning next year. 

A STRATODEAN Three and Four update is on the way, watch this space!


  1. Hi Guys,

    It was indeed great to meet you. I personally had a fantastic day and didn't want to leave. You can see the pics I took on:

    Looking forward to your next launch!


    Steve - G0TDJ

  2. Nice website, keep up the great work.

    -Ron K6RPT