About Us

The STRATODEAN team is made up of Mark Ireland and Cassie Phelps. We are two graduates from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, UK. Mark has a BSc in Mobile Communications and Internet Technology from Swansea University, and Cassie a BSc in Human Sciences from University College London.

We started the project back in October 2012 and whilst our science and engineering backgrounds have come in handy, we have certainly learnt a lot along the way! We launched our first balloon in April of this year and our most recent, festive themed launch was December 1st. You may well see various family members and friends in the background too giving us help along the way. Special thanks to:
  • The Ireland family for letting us solder on their dining room table.
  • The Phelps family for letting us saw up polystyrene on their dining room table.
  • Both families who have recently helped us acquire our own dining room table.
  • All at UKHAS whose help has been invaluable.
If you would like to get in touch, please drop us an email: stratodean@gmail.com. We love hearing from people who have seen our blog and decided to embark on a project of their own!

Mark's personal website is here.