Friday 17 May 2013

Our second launch tomorrow!

A very quick post today confirming we are preparing for a launch tomorrow afternoon - although as always, weather permitting!

As a quick summary we've:
  • Added two temperature sensors to monitor the changes both inside and outside the payload. 
  • Installed the still camera (previously used pointing downwards) into a side position for more horizon photos.
  • Removed the lens cover from the GoPro camera so as to hopefully avoid the fogging as seen on the first video.
This launch follows quick on the heels of our first as we are still within our balloon helium hire and are able to use our original spare balloon. The weather predictions have been prohibitive until very recently so we want to pounce while the opportunity is there.  

Any assistance with tracking would be much appreciated by fellow HABers. Tracking details can be found on the UKHAS site. It's looking like a potentially interesting recovery in the Brecon Beacons (hiking boots at the ready!).

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